Meet the Teacher

We went to meet Natalie’s teacher today! Natalie will be going to Pre-K for 3 days a week. The teacher seems really nice and very friendly. And Natalie…well, she was so excited! She was a little timid walking in there but warmed up right away. It was funny, because as I was getting ready this morning, I felt a little nervous, myself. And even wondered to myself why.

I think it is because “Going to school” or “Back to school” always evokes anticipation when you hear the phrase. I can remember when I was little always wondering what the year would be like…the teacher, the friends, the fun stuff, and I guess learning. And now for my little girl, I anticipate that for her. Not to mention that I anticipate what my life will now look like with her in school 3 days a week. I know one day a week I will do Bible Study at church, and then the other days Nicholas and I will be hanging out. I have also started doing more ministry things with Priority Associates, so I am sure that will come in to play some too. And another thing I do know, is I will miss being around her as much.

So, she starts school on Monday and she just can’t wait. My oh, my, how she is growing up!



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3 responses to “Meet the Teacher

  1. Jason

    I am sure much to your surprise I was even a little choked up at one point today.

  2. Pam

    We’re meeting Adam’s teacher tonight. I’m nervous, too. I was just thinking last night, “Why am I nervous? I know he’ll do great.” I guess it’s just the newness of it. Adam’s going to be in school two days a week, starting Tuesday. Oh, our babies are growing up!!! I’d like to hear how Natalie does.

  3. Jen

    I completely know how you feel and the sad thing is it will be even harder next year!

    We met Lindsey’s teacher yesterday and I was teary-eyed the whole time and almost lost it once in the classroom. She, on the other hand, did great and even got to meet the girl she is sitting next to.

    We are all going to need extra prayer and kleenex on Monday 😦

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