Evan Almighty

We went to see “Evan Almighty” the other day. It was a great movie! I loved the parallels to life and faith that I can very much relate to.

For example, when Baxter (main character played by “The Office” guy, Steve Carell) tells God that he cannot make an ark because he has all these plans and things to do, to which God replies with a snicker “YOUR plans!” (hhmm…I can relate to that one)

Or how about when all this bad stuff keeps happening to Baxter (lots of trails and hardships) and he says to God, “I know everything you do is because you love me, please love me less.” (Not that I really want God to love me less, but having less of the hardships does seem appealing)

There is also a great reminder to us, as wives, to be united with our husbands and supportive of whatever God is having him to do. Morgan Freeman (plays God) explains to Baxter’s wife that the animals went on the boat in pairs, showing her that she and Baxter are a pair. This inspires her to go back and support her husband, although she really doesn’t understand what on earth he is doing!

And I also like the visual picture I now have in mind of what the real story of Noah and the Ark could have been like in reality. Like now I have a much better picture of how BIG the ark really was. I mean, I have read that it was like over 2 football fields long, but seeing it in the movie really gave me an understanding of how BIG that really is! And also how what God asked Noah to do really was unexplainable. There had never been rain before, I’m sure people thought he was crazy, and the faith he had to have to do what God asked of him despite his logical analysis of the situation (boy, can I relate to that one!).

For a great review, see Think Christian.



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4 responses to “Evan Almighty

  1. Jen

    I agree, I agree, I agree!! I thought almost all of the same things…especially the wife and husband being a pair.

    We took the kids and they loved it too and we had days of fun conversation after seeing the movie!

  2. I’ll have to wait for the DVD version. On a less spiritual note, we saw the Simpson’s movie this past weekend – and I have no spiritual parallels.

  3. Hana

    There was no rain before the flood??? What?

  4. Jill, it was a nice surprise to find your comment on our blog and now I’ve been able to look at your blog, so thanks very much!

    We saw Evan on opening night at Pleasure Island. The audience in the theater applauded when the movie ended, so I think lots of people liked it that night. We liked it better than Bruce Almighty and I’d like to see it again. I liked “God” saying “Everything I do is because I love you,” because we need to remember that when things don’t feel good to us.

    I also liked the miraculous nature of things in the movie, not because it added to the humor when the birds suddenly appeared, but because it gave evidence of God being at work in his life. Plus, the movie’s premise seems to be watch what you pray, you might be surprised how God answers it – you could be part of the answer. And the movie showed that God cares for people. He wanted to rescue them from the politician who was serving himself.

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