California Beaches

We have a had a great time here in Southern California! In our free time, we have had a chance to visit the beach. It’s been real fun!

The beaches here are different than Florida beaches. First of all, the water is really cold! Although the locals say that the water right now is warm. ha! And the waves are tremendous! Jason did some body-surfing and had a blast! The breeze off the water is cool, if not, somewhat chilly. We didn’t even use the umbrella we had. The other thing I love, is the boardwalk area. We went to Balboa beach and they had this really cute area with a Ferris Wheel and Carousel. Which we did ride. Natalie was a crack-up…at first she said she was scared and then by the end she was holding her arms up like on a roller coaster! And then we also went to the legendary, Ruby’s Diner, at the end of the Pier and watched the sunset while we ate. It was a great day! I have loaded more pics on Flickr if you want to see them.

We head back tomorrow at the crack of dawn. It will be good to be home, but also sad as we have had so much fun in all our adventures! Which is really amazing for me to say considering most of the time traveling is really hard on me physically. So, praise God!


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  1. It will be good to have you guys back home at last! We’ve missed you.

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