It’s Over

The conference ended tonight. It was a great meeting of highlights, further encouragement, and great worship! And then a big ice-cream party afterwards. Of which, I had to partake of the ice-cream sandwiches because they were from Mary’s Mountain Cookies, which have to be the BEST cookies EVER! (So, hopefully I won’t be feeling the effects of that tomorrow on our plane ride – yikes)

So, we are currently up late in the process of trying to pack things up. It is kind of a whirl-wind. There are three different options (well, I guess there is actually a fourth if you include the trash) – boxes of things that will get packed up to stay here in the conference storage unit, boxes to go back on a truck to Orlando, and then suitcases to go with us to California. Have a I mentioned we are going to CA from here? Kind of crazy, but it will be good.

Well, better run to finish packing.


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  1. Hi Jill:
    The pictures and updates were so exciting to see and read. We enjoyed it very much. Hope your trip to CA is good and have a great trip home. We miss you all. Tell Jason, Natalie and Nicholas hello and we love you all very much.

    Robert and Judy

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