Reba McEntire

I MET REBA McEntire today!!!

We went to Cheyenne, WY today. Which was really fun, by the way. They are holding their Cheyenne Frontier Days. We saw bulls, Indian dancers, went into the rodeo bull pin area, and lots of old-time western stuff. I have new pictures of it all up on Flickr. Then we went to the town of Cheyenne where they had all kinds of vendors, excellent BBQ, and music.

We were watching this lady sing, and Jason leans to me and says, “It sounds like she is a Christian.” Then a little later, “I think she is a McEntire.” Turns out she is Reba McEntire’s sister, Susie McEntire. Very pretty voices must run in the family.

So, we go to walk around and we notice off in the parking lot this red Dodge Durango with a red-head in dark sunglasses and an older woman with red-hair (Susie had mentioned Reba and her mom being with her earlier). And Jason says, “Do you think that is Reba? I dare you to go talk to her.” And I DID!!!

I went over (very nervous) and said, “Are you Reba McEntire?” And she looked at me and said, “Yes, m’am. I’m here watching my sister.” I felt like that was code for “please don’t bother me”. Afterall, she was all disguised and obviously not wanting to be noticed. I walked away amazed that I had just met Reba McEntire and that there were people all around that had no idea they had a star in their midst. I was bummed that I couldn’t get a picture or something, but wanted to respect her privacy. Must be hard to be a star and not be able to really go watch your sister perform.



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3 responses to “Reba McEntire

  1. How funny!! Ande and I have a running Reba impersonation(sp?)…it would be crazy to meet her for real!

  2. pseudonymblog

    That’s sooo cool! I’m a HUGE reba fan. Also, bravo for respecting her wishes and keep her id under wraps…I’m sure she didn’t want to steal the spotlight from her sister.

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