Whole Foods

The Whole Foods here in Ft. Collins is incredible!!! I love it!

It puts our Whole Foods in Orlando to shame! Let’s just say our Orlando Whole Foods would fill up their produce section. It is so big! And the choices…my, oh, my! My friend, Joy told me the other day after my visit to this Whole Foods, “You’re like a kid in a candy store.” And I am! There is so much more to look at and try. And speaking of try…they have samples everywhere!

They have a huge produce area, big ol’ fresh meat section, and their prepared foods area is incredible – stuff you can take home and heat up, a pizza stand, sandwich area, sushi bar, and more. And their bakery…oh, the bakery! They make all kinds of stuff fresh right there! The bread is great (almost as good as my homemade bread), and the other day I tried these homemade tortillas! Oh my goodness! They were the best tortillas I have ever had!

And you know what else I love about this store. They have a kids’ club. So each of my kids has a little card they can show and get a free item (either a juice box, banana, cookie, fruit strip, or stickers). Makes it a little easier to bribe motivate the kids to behave. Not that they need any motivation…they are always angels. 🙂


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