Ode to Naps

Naps, Oh, Naps
Where did you go?
I’ve loved you for years
Oh don’t you know

It seems my kids don’t feel the same
If you’re gone forever,
I think I’ll go insane

The kids’ on-going energy
baffles me so
Oh, please nap-time
please don’t go!

As you can see, naptimes are fading away in our house. It seems that Natalie (4 1/2) doesn’t sleep anymore in the afternoons at all. And Nicholas (3) is aware of her lack of sleeping and finds it fun to go in her room to play (although he probably really does still need the sleep). Many times they are so quiet about it, that I am not even aware they aren’t sleeping. Which is all fine and dandy until they errupt into fighting!

Needless to say this new phase of my life is exhausting me. You see, I am a pretty introverted, need-lots-of-alone time and down-time person. So, I have grown to love these 2 hours or so in the afternoons to do whatever it is that I want to do or need to do without being interuppted. Key words – not interuppted! Oh, how will I make it?!



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3 responses to “Ode to Naps

  1. Rinnie

    I feel your pain (Lauren and Meredith don’t usually nap either.) But I do put them in their room for “nap time” in the afternoon while Coriena is asleep for about an hour so I can have some down time. Of course, like you, sometimes it works well and other times they fight/come ask for something/etc.

  2. I totally sympathize with you! I remember in years past how frustrating it was to realize that naps for Sierra (our oldest) were becoming a thing of the past. I gave up trying to force nap time or quiet time after she was 3 or 4 (can’t quite remember the age anymore?). Of course, since her younger brother and sister wanted to join in the fun of all-day playtimes with no naps, that meant they didn’t really take naps anymore either…except that they were even younger than Sierra was when she gave up hers. Occasionally, when the sibling rivalry gets to be too much in the afternoons, I still send each of them to their rooms for some separation from each other. That is about the only peace and quiet I truly get in our household until bedtime. I miss the few precious hours in the day when I could actually claim some time for myself…uninterrupted!!!! Sadly, for me, it just doesn’t happen much anymore. I truly sympathize with ya’, Jill!

  3. one reason I am holding out on having kids is I love my freedom to takes naps whenever I want!! okay, KINDA kidding, but what would I do without crawling into bed at 3 in the afternoon when needed???

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