The Automatic Flusher

My friend, Mike wrote about his feelings about the automatic paper towel dispenser. Which I personally don’t mind too much. However, he has a good point about it when it isn’t working!

I must say one thing I think is a big waste is the automatic toilet flusher!

First of all, who really touches the manual handle when they are using a public toilet like that anyway. Doesn’t everybody just use their foot to flush it?!

Second, a few times it has flushed on Natalie while she was sitting on it and has therefore freaked her out totally! To where now we have to convince her when it is not an auto flusher or if it is, we have to drape toilet paper over the sensor in order for her to use it!

And lastly, is it really more sanitary to have it flush prematurely all over your tush?!



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5 responses to “The Automatic Flusher

  1. Pam

    I agree, Jill. It always flushes prematurely. Then you have to flush again, which can be embarrassing because it leaves the impression with neighboring stalls that there was so much in the toilet that it required a double flush.

  2. Amen! The automatic flusher is going to be one of the many topics Jane discusses with her therapist when she gets older. It traumatizes her. Seriously.
    I think the unpredictability of the flush is the real kicker for her. Or maybe the noise. In any case, I say, “Down with Auto toilet flushers! BOO!”

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