Can You Beat God?

Apparently Natalie thinks so…

Often, in an effort to get my kids to move a little faster, I’ll say, “Who would like to get their shoes on really fast?” Or the kids will even do it amongst themselves.

They will always end with, “I won!’ or “I did it first!”

Well, the other day, Nicholas was clearly done first and so I even went on in to the garage to put him in his car seat. I hear Natalie still in the hallway say, “I got my shoes on before God!” And I thought, “What did she just say?” So, just to make sure, I called back, “Before who?” And sure enough she answered, confidently, “GOD“.



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3 responses to “Can You Beat God?

  1. L.O.L!!!!
    My next question, though, is, “Does God wear shoes?”

  2. Jason

    I guess according to Natalie he does. And she is pretty smart so she would know.

  3. Rinnie

    That’s hilarious!!!

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