Another Snake

So, Natalie and I are hanging out in our office area. All the sudden she squeals! I look over at our sliding glass door and there is this HUGE snake right there at the door!!! And I mean HUGE!!! Like 3 feet long!!! And I am not exaggerating! Here is a picture to prove it!

snake #2

What’s the deal?! This is our second snake encounter here. It’s not like we live in the boonies or woods or something. Just your regular ol’ run-of-the-mill neighborhood.

Needless to say, Natalie and I didn’t take it upon ourselves to try and remedy the situation. So, we just watched as the thing slithered away in our backyard! Hopefully he will not stay in our yard, but will find himself somewhere else!



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3 responses to “Another Snake

  1. rob

    would you rather have snakes or mice and frogs?

    actually i don’t mind frogs. maybe we can bring our backyard hawk over to take care of the snake!

  2. I personally subscribe to the theory that the only good snake is a dead snake but I’m disappointed that your ‘HUGE” snake just doesn’t look that big.

    Shouldn’t a really huge snake be able to swallow a dog or cat? Like in the movie, Anaconda. That was a HUGE snake!

  3. Rinnie

    Yuck!!! Gross!!!

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