Sinful Nature

Ok, so how can people not recognize that we are born with a sinful nature. In case you find yourself wondering, just come to our house sometime. Here is one story of evidence from yesterday:

Nicholas crying out of the blue down the hall.

Natalie immediately, “I didn’t push him. He just fell.”

Nicholas running to us crying.

Natalie still saying, “I didn’t push him. I PROMISE!”

Jason asking, “Nicholas, what happened? Did you fall down?”

Nicholas, “Natalie pushed me.”

Jason, “Natalie. Tell me the truth did you push him?”

Natalie, “No.” (sheepishly)

Jason, “Natalie. You need to tell me the truth. Did you push him?”

Natalie, “yes, daddy. I pushed him.”

AMAZING! I mean she lied before we even asked her about it. And she even added the “I PROMISE” bit! WOW!

ps…for those of you reading that don’t know…Natalie is 4 years old.



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2 responses to “Sinful Nature

  1. And what about blame-shifting?

    Remember in the garden? Eve tried to shift the blame immediately to the serpent. Adam tried to shift the blame to Eve.

    Kids have no problem with shifting the blame away from them – and fast!

    I see it in the nursery at church. They’re under two and they’ll point fingers at someone else if they did something wrong. And that’s only because they don’t know how to blame “Notme” or “Idaknow” yet – that comes when they’re three.

  2. Oooh, honey, I feel your pain. Especially the part about lying before they’re even in trouble yet! I usually have to discipline for the lying more than the actual incident – and I let them know that they wouldn’t have been in as much trouble if they hadn’t lied on top of it! Lying…grrrr!

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