Interesting how on warranties or insurance documents, they always have the disclosure “Does not cover damage resulting from Acts of God”.

I think it interesting on two parts-

One, that they even recognize and acknowledge the presence of God and His Acts!

Two, if they do believe in God, how do they determine what are His Acts!

By the way, this thought came to me as I was reviewing the warranty for the shower trim kit that was installed in our new shower. Would you believe we had a defective o-ring in the shower valve (brand new, Price Pfister, not exactly cheap, valve)! So, that means it has been leaking into our wall each time we turned it on (which thankfully has not been much since we stopped using it upon noticing the puddles. But still!) So, needless to say, I am very disappointed in Price Pfister. Our plumber informed us that this is not unusual for this company and warned us not to buy from them again. So, you may want to consider it a warning too.

Now, our plumber did recommend that we submit our receipt for his charges to Price Pfister and they should reimburse me those charges. So, we’ll see. I just hate to imagine if we hadn’t noticed the wetness and the potential big huge mess it could’ve been!


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  1. Oh, no! What a bummer…on the flip side, maybe you will end up getting reimbursed for more expenses than you realized? Maybe in the end you will have more money in your pocket from the whole remodeling expense after all. I know it’s sure not the most fun way of going about getting things paid for through someone else, but I have noticed for us that sometimes God gives us monetary blessings in disguise through situations that are similar to yours. 🙂

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