Mayor Hood and Humility

Jason and I went to a graduation ceremony for him Friday night. He graduated from a leadership program here in Orlando called, Lifework Leadership. It is really such a neat program and encouraging to see how it is helping to transform leaders in our community for Christ.

At the program, they honored The Honorable Glenda E. Hood, former Florida Secretary of State and Mayor of Orlando. She received The Legacy award for her tremendous influence and legacy that she has left in Orlando, and even the world. If you have ever heard Mayor Hood speak, you would see that she is a terrific woman of character, with a great heart for the Lord and for being His servant in her community. And her speach Friday night was even more enlightening.

One thing she mentioned, was how in being a leader, you must be humble. She gave credit to her husband for instilling that character in her. And she said that her kids reminded her throughout her life, to not be so serious. She said one of her daughters, when younger, said, “Mom. Why don’t you smile anymore?” And Mayor Hood realized then, to relax and not to take things so seriously.

But as for the humble remark, I had to smile inside. You see, as assistants to Bill and Vonette Bright with Campus Crusade, Jason and I had the privilege of meeting Mayor Hood. In fact, it was one of our first dates together. You see, Jason was taking Mayor Hood and the Brights to see “Ben Hur” the musical. He asked Dr. Bright if he could take me as his date. To which he agreed. That was such an amazing day. It started off with Mrs. Bright calling me in the morning and we chatted as if we were girlfriends before our date, asking me things like, “What are you going to where tonight?”

Oh, such great memories. But I deviated from my story…it came time for us all to go home. We all were riding back together in the same car. Jason and Dr. Bright in the front seat, and Mrs. Bright, Mayor Hood and myself to go in the back. I automatically assumed I would ride in the middle (or the hump, as we affectionately called it growing up). Well, Mayor Hood stepped in and said she would ride in the middle, and that she didn’t mind at all riding the hump. In fact, she insisted. I remember thinking how humble and down-to-earth she was.

It is neat to see that Mayor Hood is what she desires to be – humble, a true servant. I am thankful that God has had people of her stature in the offices to serve our nation. And I pray for many more!!!


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  1. Judy Howell

    Congratulations to Jason

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