Food Friday

I am going to start doing Food Friday posts on my health blog. I plan to write about recipes or restaurant experiences. So come on over and let me know what you think. Today I posted a new favorite recipe of mine.



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2 responses to “Food Friday

  1. Rinnie

    I’m looking forward to it!!

  2. Scott

    These are just some thoughts that come to my mind when I think of nutrition and our health.
    For ourselves, isn’t it better to know that you actually tried to eat as healthy as you could to prevent an illness such as cancer when you are 60. Yeah, you might still get sick or even die, but why not decrease your risks?
    It is our duty and sole responsibility to make sure our children eat healthy. Not only will they feel better and be healthier and maintain a healthy weight, they will respect you more as they grow up.
    It is only laziness and being “cheap” when we get the “easy” food or just don’t care to look at the ingredients. People say “you’re gonna die from something”. Well, I say “why increase your chances of dying earlier?” Drinking diet sodas is absurd. There is so much research that shows people are gaining weight from the diet sodas, in that they actually crave other foods more when they drink the stuff and the sweetener actually decreases your metabolism.
    We already eat bad things such as butter, ice cream, red meat, fried foods. So, on top of that, we make it worse by eating processed stuff with all sorts of chemicals. Maybe it seems like a hassle to read the labels, but in the long run you learn which products to buy and how to make more wholesome meals for your family, and then it is not a hassle anymore. If you strive to do your best, then your best should be to take care of yourself and your family by instilling good eating habits and nutrition. This comes above all else, as you “are what you eat”.
    It isn’t about our right to eat or drink whatever we want. It is about a choice to make healthy decisions. The internet has conflicting stories regarding all sorts of products. You really have to make a good conscienceous decision whether you think it is good for you or not.
    I actually cringe when I hear people say “the FDA approved it” or “everything is bad for you”. Everything is not bad for you, only a lot of the “easy, fast” stuff. I printed off a list of items that are “unacceptable” to Whole Foods. I think if I try to stay away from these items, I am doing a big part to watch what I eat. Whole Foods doesn’t know all, and even the foods they sell could have other harmful aspects, but I feel it is my duty to do the best I can when it comes to nutrition. Yeah, I will still like to have my butter and red meat, but I know I have to limit myself on those items and monitor all of the other stuff as I start to try varieties of the thousands of different types of foods that there are out there.
    I admire my sister and she is even a better friend to me for making me aware of my own nutritional deficiencies. I also admire my brother-n-law for coming alongside my sister’s wishes and following through with her to make sure their family eats healthy.
    You know, you could die tomorrow from a plane crash, tornado, car accident, or heart attack. All of these types of things are not in your control, to some extent anyway. However, the one thing you can control is your diet and your health. Yeah, the junk food and soda really taste good, but in the end, that temporary satisfaction only leads to poor health and really a bad quality of life, and possibly even lower your life span. Also, some people might say, my grandma drank that stuff and lived to be 90. Well, yeah, I have seen some people in their 80’s who have smoked all of their lives. But let’s face it, statistics have shown that smoking has a much greater chance of killing you than anything else. There are always going to be rare cases where people beat the odds, whether it’s smoking or alcohol use or food choices.
    There are people that I know that drink the diet sodas (because they have no calories) and have all kinds of cookies, candy, and junk food in their pantry. They eat fast food and ice cream with their “diet coke”. What I have seen is that these people have actually increased in weight substantially since they started drinking the chemicals that were invented by a pesticide company. Which that brings me to another point: I know for a fact that sucralose (Splenda) is bad for you. When I have drank the Propel drinks I have gotten severe pains and diarrhea and finally realized it was the sucralose. Recently, I read that it was a myth that sucralose and aspartame was invented as an insecticide. Well, it is definitely no myth. I put a line of sucralose on my counter to see what the tiny ants would do. The next day, I had no more ants except dead ones surrounding the sucralose. I have also gotten rid of fire ants with it. I haven’t tried aspartame yet. Recently, I have read that diet drinks with sodium benzoate can break down to benzene (paint thinner) into your drink. Sugar apparently inhibits the formation of benzene. Back to sucralose: did you know that it is basically sugar bonded with chlorine. Chlorine is the main ingredient in some pesticides. Even the FDA admits that an average of 27% of sucralose is broken down and chlorine is absorbed into the bloodstream. We’ve all heard about the damage chlorine can cause and that is why we buy “bottled water” instead of drinking city water. Chlorine is a carcinogen. And, the average of 27% means it’s quite possible that a certain person might only absorb 10% while another person might absorb 50%. Who really knows. As far as aspartame goes, well, there are so many cases and studies done that have convinced me that it is bad for you. TheFDA has approved aspartame and cites there are no harmful side effects. But they also acknowledge they receive more complaints about aspartame from the general public than any other item they have approved. Also, there have been so many other things approved by the FDA only to be taken off the approval list 20 or 30 years later. But the greatest impact to me about the ignorance of so many people out there is that they drink this stuff because it has no calories and it will make or help them lose weight. Well, do this: type into Google “diet sodas weight loss”. Almost every website that comes up will show you studies and news articles about how diet soda causes you to gain weight. The soda has no calories, but the artificial sweeteners decrease your metabolism and actually cause you to crave the calories in other foods even more. I have actually seen this with my own eyes. I have seen so many overweight people get cases of diet coke with there ice cream, Doritos, cake, and cookies in the grocery store. Fast food restaurants: someone orders a Big Mac, large fries, and a “diet coke”. That just really cracks me up. You never see a person order a salad and “diet coke” with an apple for dessert. HaHa. From what I have read, the artificial sweeteners are actually way sweeter than sugar and can cause you to be addicted to sweets, wanting more and more. Well, I personally have gone the opposite way. I like chocolate and in the last few years I have enjoyed dark chocolate, which is less sweet than milk chocolate. I keep trying darker chocolates and really like them. Now, believe it or not, I don’t even like Milk Chocolate any more. And, juices: I have been diluting juices with water for a while now and straight juice is really too sweet for me. If I drink a soda once in a while, I have to be really thirsty, because they are way too sweet for me as well. My ex-wife told me that she took her daughter to the doctor and the doctor said that diet soda was better than juice for the kids. That is just absurd, because there is no way that soda, whether diet or not, is good for you. It has no nutrition at all. All I can figure is that he was comparing to koolaid or sugar water with fruit flavor. Juices, especially 100% juice, are essential. In excess, yeah, it is too many calories and too much sugar. That is why I really think drinking juice mixed with water is probably the best beverage you can drink. In fact, I think a shower and a glass of juice wake you up more than a cup of coffee or a soda ever will.
    If you believe in God, than you would know that your body is God’s temple. So, why would you not take care of yourself? You can only exist by “eating and drinking” and you “are what you eat”. So do you really want to be healthy and in shape or do you want to continue with what’s easy and fast?
    Anyway, thank you Jill for enlightening me on issues regarding our health and nutrition.

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