Call To Prayer

VA TechCampus Crusade has initiated an International Call To Prayer for the Virginia Tech community today (Thursday). They have even set up a website which gives more details of the Call To Prayer and insight from those involved in the tragedy. The website is . I would encourage you to participate in some way as you recall the tragedy. And I would add to these requests listed that God will use this tragedy to bring people to know Him!
Also, on that website there are very moving, and emotional posts from some of our staff that are at VA Tech (a Crusade movement of about 500 students). There are reportedly 4 students that were involved in Crusade that were killed. And there is one girl, Molly, who was the first witness after the initial shooting that morning on her dorm floor. The emotional devastation of all this is endless. I just can’t even imagine!
Click on the link below for a great resource in light of this tragedy:
where is God


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