Nicholas decided to learn how to go Potty! I say he decided because quite frankly, I was not even remotely interested in trying to train him. I just was not ready to deal with accidents or reminding him to go or needing to go find a potty in the store when we are out and about, etc. And for the longest time, when we would ask him if he wanted to learn, he would say NO. He could’ve cared less about it!
With Natalie we tried the whole, what I call “Potty Training Boot Camp” before she was 2 yrs old. And it did not go over well AT ALL! So, I relaxed on it, put her back in diapers, and a few months later she decided to do it all by herself! And that was great! I think the girl has maybe had 3 accidents in her whole life because she was ready and it was her decision.
Well, this weekend Nicholas said he wanted to go potty. So I got the little potty down from the closet and he sat on it a few times. Nothing ever happened. And so I figured no biggie (afterall, I wasn’t ready anyway). So, one time he said he needed to go and I told him to just to go by himself and sit down (thinking nothing would happen). He comes out a few minutes later saying (real nonchalantly), “I need to put my diaper back on.” And I say, “Oh, did you go in the potty?” To which he replied, “yea.” (like no big deal).
So we all ran to the bathroom to check and sure enough he did!!! We were so excited! It cracked us up that he was so aloof about it!!! Although pretty typical of his personality.
He has caught on to the excitement of it all now (especially since we gave him candy) and wants to go all the time! Only one accident so far, and I sure hope it stays that way!
Here is a picture of him in his new big boy, Lightning McQueen underwear (hilarious what we moms get excited about and post pictures of, huh?):



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4 responses to “BIG BOY!

  1. Awww…and it looks like his big sister was there to cheet him on! That’s cute when you see the siblings getting in on the encouragement for the little ones! It actually helps the whole process go more smoothly when lil’ brother knows he has a sister who is willing to cheer him on and to tell him or show him how it’s all done! And, yes, it is funny what we moms get excited about posting!

  2. Oops! I meant to say cheer him on in the first line…NOT cheet him on…that sounds weird. LOL

  3. Pam

    That’s great! I feel better knowing that Nick is just starting the potty training phase. Trey is completely uninterested in it. He’s only sat on the potty twice and nothing happened. I wish you an accident-free experience!

  4. j2andn2

    Natalie has been really great in this process! She has been so excited for him and really cheers him on!!! She even goes and gets his candy for him each time to reward him! So cute!

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