Mountains or Beach

While in Georgia this past week, Jason and I had the great treat of going to the North Georgia mountains by ourselves for a couple of nights! Thanks to Gram and Pop for watching Natalie and Nicholas!!!

We had such a wonderful time! Lots of relaxing, sleeping, eating out, reading, and fun! I even kicked Jason’s tail in the “Pass the Pigs” game. (of course, he kicked mine in “Sequence”, but who needs to mention that).

riverIt was really nice to be in the mountains, especially since we do not experience that setting often. We were blessed to stay at a friend’s parent’s cabin. It was wonderful! My favorite part was the river behind the house, which made this tremendous rushing water sound!!! Oh, and my other favorite part…the whirlpool bathtub. As you may recall from our bathroom remodel, we don’t have one of those. So, I enjoyed it very much!!! We also were pleasantly surprised by our eating out experiences, which I will write about in another post.

As we were there, I pondered what I preferred more – the beach or the mountains? And I must say, previously I would have said the beach, but this trip to the mountains is creating a discrepancy in my opinion now.

So, what about you – are you a beach or mountain person? And why?



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6 responses to “Mountains or Beach

  1. Allison Hooks

    I am definitely a beach girl; I love the sound of the ocean. Fewer bugs too!

  2. Jen

    Well, I would say I LOVE both too. I cannot think of anything better than a cabin in the mountains in the fall (something about the cool brisk air) and I could practically live at the beach in the summer. Guess it depends on the season for me…

  3. Judy Howell

    I love the beach and the ocean. But I love for you and Jason to go to the mountains because it gives me an opportunity to take care of two beautiful, wonderful children.
    Their Gram

  4. I am more of a mountain girl these days! I used to love the beach as a teenager in high school. But, nowadays, I long for the mountains of North Carolina! The summers here in Florida are just too hot for me anymore.

  5. It’s the beach for me. Even though I’m from the Carolinas and miss the feel of the air in the mountains around Hendersonville and Asheville, I would take a week at the beach over one in the mountains. I love looking out over the ocean, feeling the wind, smelling the salty air, running down the beach, watching the birds, and eating seafood!

  6. Rinnie

    Definanty mountains – too bad the Smokeys are 10+ hours away!!

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