The Buggies

bugWe are currently in Powder Springs, GA visiting family for Easter.
We were awoken in the middle of the night last night from Nicholas screaming.
I walk in their room and the boy is sitting straight up, freaking out!
He starts asking me (all spooked), “What’s that?”… “What’s that?” and pointing to different things in the room.
I assured him that it was Natalie’s quilt or a toy or whatever.
He calms down.
Natalie tells me that they forgot their stuffed monkeys in the living room.
I leave to get their monkeys, and while gone, I hear him scream again. Blood hurling, terrified scream!
I race back in there, to see him freaking out once again. He is just sitting there staring down at his blanket, stiff as a board, terrified, won’t move, and screaming (even with me right beside his bed). I’m telling you the boy was freaked out!
This time he says that there is a buggie in his bed.
I tried comforting him, turning on a light to show him there was no buggie, and then told him to go back to sleep.
Natalie said for us not to come in there anymore and that she would tell him to stop crying if he cried again (they are sleeping in the same room).
So, we left the room.
I continued to listen from the hallway and here is what transpired:
Natalie: “Nicholas, You can’t cry anymore. I’m here with you and the grown-ups aren’t going to come in anymore.”
Nicholas: “I don’t want to go to sleep.”
Natalie: “I’m sorry, buddy, but you’re gonna be really tired tomorrow.”
Nicholas: (Crying) “There’s a buggie!”
Natalie: “Tell him to go away!”
Nicholas: “Go away, buggie!
Natalie: “Go away buggie!
This went on for 5 minutes of telling the buggie to go away, to stop, leave us alone, etc.
Nicholas starts crying again.
Natalie: “Stop crying, Nicholas. Dont cry so loud, just cry like this (sniffle, sniffle).”
And then Nicholas cries out for us again.
So, I go in there and put him in the pack and play (which was already set up) and tell him the buggies can’t get in there for sure, so he should be safe.
They talked for a few more minutes about it after I left. And then it finally got quiet.
I was so impressed with Natalie’s care and concern for her little brother. She was such a BIG sister last night!
And I sure hope the buggies don’t visit tonight!!!



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3 responses to “The Buggies

  1. Rinnie

    That’s hilarious!!!

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