Ok, so our shower is finally done! Yippee!!! I was in it for the first time today and it was glorious!!! I just love it! As my friend, Jen commented the other day…I did want to stay in it forever!

Which leads me to my question…

Now that we have such a pretty shower and bathroom, I asked Jason if we could buy some new towels. We have been using the same ones since we got married 7 years ago (yes, I have been washing them). So, it would be really nice to get some new ones.

I was telling my friend, Christi about it, and told her that I wouldn’t need to buy very many because we use the same sets of towels for a week or so before we wash them or rotate in the other set. So, I would only be buying 4 towels.

Which began this discussion of towel usage…I am aware that some people are a “fresh towel every day” person. But to me, I just hate doing laundry, so I put it off as much as possible. Plus, what do you do with all those damp towels while you are waiting to do laundry?

So, are you:
a. fresh towel every day person
b. wash them once a week or two
c. why wash them at all…afterall my body is clean after taking a shower, right?
d. what towels, what shower?

Here are some pictures of our finished bathroom:
shower is done




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13 responses to “Towels

  1. Great pics, nice work.

    Personally, I like to air dry.

  2. j2andn2

    TOO MUCH INFO, Matt!

  3. Hana

    We just wash when they start to smell…:) I will say that the humidity in FL was something to get used to, as towels (hand or bath) never seem to get totally dry.

  4. Well, I would like to say we try to wash our towels once or twice a week. But, with 5 of us in the household, each taking showers at least once a day, many times I find damp towels that start to smell like mildew left around the kids’ bathroom. We have yet to find the best solution to the constant piles of towels. We used to wash each child’s towel after every use, but soon we realized this was just too much. Anyway, for us it’s choice “B”.

  5. Marianne W.

    Your bathroom looks great!! You guys did an awesome job. I think we have the same shower door! We definitely are “b” people. It takes so long to dry towels in the dryer.

  6. Rinnie

    Great job on the bathroom!! Hurray that it’s done!!

    We’re definantly B. If we washed towels after every use . . . I’d be doing laundry constantly!!

  7. Judy Howell

    The shower looks great. Good job.

    A is the way to go.

  8. I agree with the masses, your bathroom looks great! As for the towel question, I’m a definite B when it comes to bathroom towels and a solid A when it comes to kitchen towels.

  9. j2andn2

    Very interesting, Karin!
    Wonder what the difference in your mind is in that thought process?…do you think your kitchen more germy than your body?…or more important to have clean towels for your kitchen than your body? πŸ™‚ hhhmmm

  10. I’m with Karin. B for body/bath towels, A for kitchen towels. My kitchen gets grody (yes, a word from the ’80’s) even if I wipe it frequently; my body after a shower is not. (grody, that is.)

    And I agree with the other comments…the bathroom looks gorgeous!

  11. Jill, it looks great!!! I just bought the same mirror for the bathroom we are renovating. And I just got new towels for the same reason. I usually wash my towels 1-2x a week. After 4 years of marriage, ours were looking kinda ratty.

  12. Kristin

    Jill you crack me up! Towels are a whole different world in Orlando than the rest of the country. They get moldy so fast and rarely dry before the next use. I am a “b” with all towels except washcloths/facecloths. Those get 2-3 days max use before heading to the hamper. BUT I usually drape them on the edge so to dry so everything else doesn’t get gross.
    As for buying new ones, I’ve found some favs at Macy’s. Charter Club brand. I like them much better than the Lands’ End ones and they go on sale often. INVEST IN GOOD TOWELS! You use them all the time. It’s worth it.
    BTW, your bathroom looks amazing! Ya’ll deserve it after living with the accordian door for so many years. Amazing! Love it! Just let me know when you need a getaway and I’ll come watch the kids and use your shower. πŸ™‚

  13. Definitely get new towels since you have a new bathroom. That’s a no brainer. Wait for Macy’s to have a sale and get the Charter Club like Kristin said. Those are great. And after 7 years I’d say you need new towels anyway.

    Wash them every week. Kitchen towel I use for a day or two.

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