Very Naive

I have to share with you all how naive I can be! In case you didn’t know this about me…I am very literal in my thinking and pretty simplistic too!

My friend, Mike, blogged about a news web-site the other day called The Onion: America’s Finest News Source. Well, I checked out the site and got very disturbed about an article they had on there, to which I commented about it on Mike’s blog.

I tell you, I was really disturbed and was ready to watch the (fake) show in May to see how they could possibly pull off their story line.

Thankfully he informed me that this site is all spoof articles and that it was not true. You can see our chain of comments on his post.

It’s so funny how gullible I can be! So, please consider this as a plea to not play any April Fool’s jokes on me, because I just might really believe you and be scarred for life!

ps…I did write about one of The Onion’s articles on my health blog that I thought was funny.



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3 responses to “Very Naive

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  2. I have a theory that gullible people grew up with mean older brothers.

    Someday I’ll prove it and write a book.

  3. rantingraj

    lol its funny man…

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