I Spy

I SpyMy friend, Carrie, recently encouraged me to look for the “I Spy” moments in my life. To see how God is at work around me and in my life. She said it could even be the little things, like a green light when you are running late somewhere or a beautiful sunset that reminds you of God’s magnificance!

So, I have been looking! And I tell you there have been three that weren’t too hard to find lately! And all three have been in the midst of this crazy bathroom MESS in our home!

First, was on a trip to Lowe’s to look at vanities and faucets. We walked through the garden door, not because we wanted to look at garden stuff but because that is where we parked. And as we walked through, I glanced over to my left and I Spied this planter/pot which was exactly what I pictured and wanted for our dining room table. I had looked specifically for that item several times other places and had kind of given up on what I had in mind, and voila! There it was and only $7!

Second, we had bought tiles for our bathroom floor 2 years ago (which were discontinued at the time and really cheap) at Lowe’s. Well, now that we are undergoing this unexpected remodel for our bathroom, we thought it would be nice to take out the vanity in the small part of our bathroom and put in a pedestal sink. Problem – no more tiles from 2 years ago left! So, I went on a hunt to find a match at several different tile places, ending at Lowes again. As I walked down the aisle, trying to find a match, I came across a little pile of tiles that looked just like our current tile! 11 of them (which we only needed 6). Sure enough it was the same thing!!! The Lowes employee came over and scanned it and said, “You’re lucky, lady. These are a non-stock item, they shouldn’t even be here.” To which I responded, “It’s not luck. God put these right here for me TODAY, so I could have them!”

And lastly, was a BIG surprise! We recieved an anonymous gift card for Lowes for $200 on our doorstep Wednesday!!! The note said it was to help with our bathroom remodel! Isn’t that cool! (and we were already planning to go to Lowes that night, so it was even more perfect!) Nothing like that has ever happened to us before! It was such an amazing feeling! Especially if you know anything about my struggles in faith and desire to feel God’s presence in the midst of struggles!!! Tears of joy just kept coming as I reflected on it and soaked it in that day!

So, I am thankful! Very thankful! This bathroom project has not been fun or easy. But I am so thankful that my friend reminded me to see the “I Spy” moments in the midst of it all and to see how God is with me through it all!


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  1. Rinnie

    So cool!!!!

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