Another Reason…

socksAnother reason I am glad we don’t live up north in cold weather…SOCKS!

We have had a cold front here this week and so we have had to wear socks to keep the little feetsies warm! So, as a result, I have sock issues! Having to wash socks, having random socks because you can’t find the match after doing laundry, seeing lots of random socks all over the house because my kids take them off at random times and in random places of the house, having the issue of cold feet when you go to bed (socks on) and then feet get hot while sleeping (so you have to take them off), then you have a pile of socks beside the bed that keeps growing each night.

So, my conclusion from this experience – NO COLD weather, NO SOCKS!



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4 responses to “Another Reason…

  1. Jen

    We always seem to have sock issues in our house even when it isn’t cold. Ethan and Lindsey both have to wear socks to school and so we often have your struggle! They take them off in all different places and it makes such a big mess and I can never seem to find the matching counterpart. : (

  2. Jason

    By the way, I need some new socks.

  3. Amy

    The search continues for Ian’s sock from naptime and Tate’s socks from this morning. These daily search and rescue events lead up to the most mysterious weekly occurances of missing socks upon return from laundromat.

    In between search efforts are extensive attempts to maintain dryness around the noses of both boys. Tissues are running low and the snow is coming down mercilously. Attempts at replenishing the household supply of tissues are futile due to the inclimate weather. Perhaps the mateless socks will be repurposed?

    Sock Search & Rescue, Inc.

  4. I have been fighting this exact same issue of late! I have just about given up with the morning frenzy of finding matching socks for the girls when they get ready for school each morning. My son is pretty good about finding his own pairs. But, I finally gave up and actually went to the Children’s Place [store] today to buy even MORE SOCKS! I think I am getting caught in a vicious cycle here! I always give up and just buy new ones, but really…that is just perpetuating the whole problem, isn’t it? Now I will have even MORE socks to sort through and add to my morning craziness…UGH!!!!

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