Shower Collapse

Ok, so our shower collapsed this weekend! That’s right…crumbled away!

We were planning to regrout, and even went to try it. We decided after just a few scrapes that it was going to be way more effort than we were willing to do that day. So, what happens, later, some of the tiles just caved in. A very similar experience to our friends.

showerThis is the initial damage. But as Jason went to take more out, it just all crumbled. There absolutely was no dry wall behind most of the tiles!!!

First thought – “Guess we’re redoing the shower.”

shower bareHere is our shower now after Jason cleaned out the tile and rotted dry wall.

Well, little did we know that it was way more of a complex issue than just slapping some more tile up there and Voila!

You see, just a couple of weeks ago we had a leak from our pipes in the wall between the garage and dining room. The plumber said we should seriously consider re-piping the copper pipes in our whole house (which, by the way, costs lots of money). We didn’t think much about it at the time and wondered if we really needed to do it. Then, when the shower caved in, we realize we should really revisit the idea. Afterall, our shower pipes are exposed and they have some signs of a slow leak themselves.

We were also told tonight from a plumber that our shower pan (which is the whole base for the shower and drain) will need to be replaced, as it is all rotted and is rotting the drywall all around it. Lovely!

We are also thinking about a bath tub/shower combo. This is something we considered, but didn’t think possible because our drain is offset. But since they are going to be jack hammering the ground anyway…it could work. However, now we can’t decide! There are pros and cons to both.

What do you think? Bathtub/shower combo, or just back to the stand alone shower?

One major bonus from this whole situation –
We don’t have that horribly, ugly, awkward, yucky accordian door anymore!!!! YEA!!!



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7 responses to “Shower Collapse

  1. Well, here’s my vote…I vote for the stand-alone shower stall. This is why…Scott & I’s first home had the bathtub/shower combo in the master bedroom. I thought it was a great idea at the time, but as the kids came into our lives, it just became the main bathtub for them because it’s fun and it’s almost as big as a real pool, right? :o) Since your kids are young, I envision that you still have many years of little ones bathing and having fun at bathtime, the way most little ones do. If this is going to be in the 2nd bathroom, then I say go for the shower/tub combo. But, if this is your master bathroom, I vote for stand alone shower stall! To me, it’s just like the toilet room…the kids are always trying to invade our privacy in the bathroom and I just don’t want to give them any more reasons to want to use our bathroom for their needs. The big roman tub is all-too tempting for them to not want to use their own bathtub every night when bathing. Do I sound selfish or what?

  2. Carol Boykin

    I vote for the shower enclosure with a glass door. Baths are nice but who has time. And a pedestal sink would be nice. Love to you all, Mom

  3. Jen

    Here are my thoughts Jill…We have a large tub and separate shower and I have to say we RARELY use the tub. Mostly it just sits there collecting dust and is a pain to clean. It is quite enjoyable when I use it but it is so infrequent the negatives outweigh the positives for me. As for the shower, go big! We have a pretty large shower and I love that. My only other suggestion would be to use big tiles instead of small ones so you have less grout to keep clean 🙂

  4. Jason

    Ok, now we just need a sign up list to see who is going to help us out!!

  5. Kristin

    I’d help you if I lived nearby! I say shower/tub cuz I love baths but love showers right afterwards. TMI? BUT I am thrilled you no longer have to deal with the accordian door! You’ve hated that for so many years.

  6. Pam

    Oh, guys, I’m sorry! I’ve been there, too! Here’s my two cents…I also have a tub that doesn’t get much use. I really, really want to use it but I just don’t have the time with three kids. Becky’s right, the kids end up using that bathtub because it’s so big. Of course, I could always put my foot down and say, “No,” but it doesn’t really matter because I’m probably not going to use it any way. I also agree with the post that suggests using the large tiles. It’s a lot easier and faster and more modern looking. I don’t think you’ll want me there with my three kids, Jason, but I can tell you how to do it. Matt and I have become experts. 🙂

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