The Mailbox

mailboxYou would think that the mailbox for our house is a mile away.

Why do I say that?

Well, because I can’t seem to get up the motivation to get things out to the mail in a timely manner. I haven’t put thank you notes, birthday cards, and even a very belated Christmas card in the mailbox. And most of the them I have already written and sealed. I keep thinking, “I need to get a stamp on those.” or “I need to look up that address.” or “Well, I don’t want to walk out to the mailbox now, so I’ll do it later.”

I don’t even get the mail OUT of the mailbox. That has become Jason’s ritual when he comes home from work. He pulls right up to it in his truck and then drives on to the driveway.

Maybe I would’ve been a lot better off when they did it the old way. Where it was right at your door!



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2 responses to “The Mailbox

  1. Pam

    I’m with you on that. I never checked my mail before we moved to our new house. Now we actually have a mailbox at our driveway. It’s so much better than having a community mailbox area. Love it! I still don’t check the mail but Amy checks it every night. Very convenient.

  2. I do the same thing. And Rob and I only get our mail every few days.

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