Frustrated, irritated, disconnected from it all. The weight of the world has pushed me to the wall. I surrender, to You I’m giving in. Come take, break me, I want to start again. Open my broken heart, cause I’ve reached the end, and you are the way to begin.

This is a song by Krystal Meyers. And that is how I feel today.

It was one of those days where things didn’t go well. We didn’t get into the preschool (long story). We had a leak in our dining room wall from a pipe. I woke up three times in the middle of the night last night. SO, I’m tired. My order at the restaurant came out incorrect. And I am noticing a corn or callous or something on my foot (and it really hurts).

I am glad that I can also relate to the rest of the song that speaks to surrendering to the Lord! That hasn’t always been the case these past few years. But I am beginning to get to a point of seeking Him in the midst of these frustrating situations.



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2 responses to “Frustrated

  1. Pam

    Sorry about your yucky day. I’ve been making more of an effort to surrender to the Lord, too.

    What happened with the preschool? Was there a long line when you got there? What are you going to do next? I think there’s an opening in the two day program at Discovery Zone. Adam is in that program at the Alafaya preschool. I guess next year I’m going to have to be a lot earlier to sign up Trey.

  2. Jill, thanks for sharing your stuff in our small group. I hope you are feeling a little less pressure. It stinks that our culture pushes us to think we’re neglecting our kids if we don’t get them into some kind of preschool program at age 2! Regardless of what does or doesn’t open up for Natalie, she’s loved, and that’s what she needs most!

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