My Role

I was noticing today at the bottom of an e-mail sent to me, there was the person’s name, title, and contact info.

It got me thinking, how I would I sign it?

Jill Howell
Wife, Mother, Chef, Maid, Homemaker, Referee, Computer operator,
Laundry machine operator, Janitor, Facilities manager, Driver, and Nurse.

Apparently as a stay-at-home-mom, you can give yourself a paycheck.

Click Here to see a copy of mine. paycheck



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5 responses to “My Role

  1. Kristin

    what about your contact info?

    (all of the above)
    in the car, on the floor, wiping someone at the potty, standing at the sink, working at the computer, trying to get some peace in the bathroom ALONE, under the table sweeping up breakfast, at the park, in the car again (just check there first)

  2. Rinnie

    I was thinking the same thing recently when I was making up a story for the kids about all the things they needed to learn to do to become a “mommy” (their ultimate goal right now.) You have to learn how to cook, clean, care for kids, etc., etc., etc.

  3. My, my, my! It looks like I am SERIOUSLY underpaid! LOL!!

    Well, of course, you can’t measure the value and worth of those little people you are raising who will one day be adults and will forever be your family! That is the reward and payment for your hard years of service!

  4. Please, its “facilities manager” – not ‘Janitor’?


  5. Jill! What a fun surprise to see you in my blog comments! Your kids are absolutely adorable!

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