Our New House for the New Year

tent houseI have decided this is the best option for our new house!

I figure we should just live in a big bubble, then we would be protected from all the germs! Germs that are kicking my tail and wiping me out for days on end!

I wanted to rally for a BAN on GERMS! I figured this would work by implementing a law whereby people cannot leave their home if they are sick or germ infested until they are completely free of thus said germs, thereby not infecting other people (namely, ME) with those germs. I had it all worked out in my head. I figured that everyone obliged, the world would be rid of germs in less than a year because there eventually would be no germs to even spread.

airborneThen it occured to me….would that really work? I mean the whole world would have to comply! And thinking of our society and the fact that we don’t stop for just about anything, much more a GERM, means it is even less likely to succeed. This video clip will furthur support my case….

So, alas, I figure living in a bubble is the best way to go!

What has brought all this on?

The FLU!

That’s right! I have been experiencing the flu for the past 3 days! The whole gammutt…fever, chills, aches, throwing up, sinus issues, and extreme headaches. All of which kept me in bed before, during and after New Year’s. So, suffice to say…my desire for the New Year would be less germs!


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