Making Sure we get our Full use of Health Benefits

That’s right…we are making sure we get our full use of Health Benefits in this year!


Went to the Dr. Monday for Nicholas because he is still sick with this cough/cold thing.

Went to the Orthopedic yesterday for Natalie so they could x-ray her arm again and recast it. Thankfully it is healing just fine! She did not like them taking her cast off and putting another one on at all!!! She should be in this one until Dec. 26th!

And I went to the Opthamologist yesterday because I had this weird episode with my eyes on Saturday Night. Apparently I had an Ocular Migraine. Part of my vision got real blurry and I got dizzy. So, I had a dialation test done yesterday and they want me to go back Thursday for another test.

So, the only one yet to go to a Dr would be Jason. The only reason he may have to go would be to see a Psychiatrist after dealing with all of us this week! 🙂

cartoon This made me laugh!


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  1. Ouch! The ocular migraine sounds painful! Hmmm…how do they treat that exactly? Did you get headache symptoms as well with it? How long did it last? Well, at least you have health insurance!

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