10 Years

calendarsWhy does it take me 10 years to recover from a trip!

That is what it feels like right now.

It seems like I just can’t get any thing in order. Now granted, this trip was probably harder on me than most. Considering Natalie broke her arm and we came back sick. So, that did not set us up for success in adapting back to life.

Yet, it still frustrates me and exhausts me when I think of all that needs to be done to get back on track. Grocery shopping, making a list for the grocery shopping, knowing what meals I want to make and have the energy to make in order to make the list so that I can go grocery shopping. Putting the groceries away once I have been shopping (what I need to do right now). Then, there is the laundry, unpacking the suitcases so I can even know what is dirty to do the laundry, and after that, there is putting away the laundry (again what I need to do right now)! From there, I have things that need to be done in my work life, stuff to get ready for Christmas, referree the kids before they hurt each other, help Natalie more than normal since she is working with one less arm, etc.

And oh, how I would love to relax! I am trying to make time for that, but then when I make time for that, then something goes undone and things start to pile up more!

So, 10 years! That is how long it seems it will take me to get my head above water. For now, I guess I’ll just take it one day at a time.



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4 responses to “10 Years

  1. Oh, how I can relate! And while I don’t have a 3-year-old with a broken arm, I do have my house listed to sell, so I have to keep it close to spotless! Aaargh!
    I am SO with you on this, and praying for you every time I think of you!

  2. I feel like this literally every day of my life. It’s not just when we get back from a trip that I feel overwhelmed and have a hard time getting & keeping things on track! I don’t think with three kids, we will ever really have things on track, certainly not for any long length of time! I know where you are coming from!

  3. It takes me a long time to recover from a trip and we don’t even have kids! But I have to remember that I’m not superwoman (even though I’d like to be), and I can only do what I can do. If I think of everything all at once I stress myself out.

  4. Kristin

    I echo Patricia’s comments… no children and no husband here though. Though, when I get to THOSE places, I often think of my single mom who worked 50 hour weeks and went to night school with the goal of graduating from college before I did (she did, incidentally). That’s when I count my blessings and am thanful for my home and ability to travel!
    SO NOT TO UNDERMINE your current reality. Girl, I am right there with you but am recovering from a 2 week visit by my mom. Laundry, mop floors, clean guest bathroom, clean guest room, decorate for Christmas… ahhhhh to relax!

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