Good to be Home

houseIt’s good to be home.” That is what Natalie said this morning while eating breakfast. I couldn’t agree more!

I just love coming home after being gone. I love my house, my bed, my food, my relaxation, etc. Yet, then there is the house (cleaning it), the bed (changing it), the food (cooking it), and the relaxation (short-lived).

We got home Saturday afternoon, and I have been relaxing (mostly because I am still sick). However, the realization that life most resume back to normal is slowly starting to sink in. I mean afterall, we do need to eat dinner tonight. So, there needs to be some thought to that issue, which leads to going to the store, which leads to thinking about it, which leads to – relaxation ending.

As for our trip, it was good. Surprisingly good. I mean, afterall, we were all sick leaving for the trip. On the way to Charlotte, the check engine light came on, which meant a trip to the Toyota dealer. We were in and out of the car several times a day. Yet, I think God really helped us to persevere. He shed new light on “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” (Phil 4:13).

Most days, I felt better, which was good. Then the last day I was there, I got really sick again with this sinus junk! I am still sick and not sure I can possibly cough anymore without coughing up a lung. But at least I made it through the trip. As for the car, amazingly we didn’t have to pay for anything and they gave us a loaner car while we were there. Apparently we needed a new catalytic converter and computer, and they said it was covered under some federal emmissions law. Not sure what they meant by that, but sounds good to me! Praises!

So, alas, we are home. And it is good. Very good!



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2 responses to “Good to be Home

  1. yay, welcome home. Call me when you’re not sick. I’m just getting over the sinus/cold thing.

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