Can someone say CRAZINESS?!

That is how my life is right now!

suitcaseI was out of town Oct 12-15. Came home. Jason left to go to New Orleans on Wed, Oct. 18. And I decided to also leave that same day to go see my family while Jason was gone. Thinking that would be a welcome break from being here with the kids by myself (considering I am a BIG chicken when it comes to being home alone by myself, which if you know about our neighborhood drama right now, that doesn’t help matters. Oh, and the kids might drive me crazy if I am here with them by myself).

Well, in the midst of my first trip, I got sick with some sort of cold/allergy thing. It has remained through my second trip. And now looks like it will remain for our third trip.

Third trip??? (you say). Yes! A THIRD TRIP! This time it is a trip to North Carolina for Ministry Partner development.

I know, I know. What in the world were we thinking when we scheduled all this. And quite honestly, I would have to say, I wasn’t! You see, I am learning I am a slow processor when it comes to receiving information and making decisions, etc. I usually find out something or make a decision, and think, “Oh yea. Sure that’ll be fine. Sounds good. Etc.” And then later, in the midst of the situation, I think, “what is happening? or how did this happen? or did I miss something?” (I really need to work on that issue!)

So, we are off next week on our travels. And I am still sick. This sinusy thing has now moved to my chest. And for the most part, doesn’t bother me that much except at night. Like right now, as I type this, I am moving very close to coughing up my left lung. So, looks like tonight is going to be another night of blissful sleep!


(oh. fyi – I found the pic on Flickr and it is from Heather.)



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3 responses to “Craziness!

  1. Hang in there, Jill! I will pray that God will help you to get well from your cold quickly, as well as for your family, too! Miss you!

  2. Pam

    Fun times!!! I hope your cold goes away soon and no one else gets sick. It always happens when you’re traveling, right? I guess that’s when we’re the most stressed and least resistant. Bummer! Maybe things will calm down soon for you. Hope so! We miss you here.

  3. When are you coming home?

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