Why Is It?

question markWhy is it that kids can be “SO HUNGRY” (with a tone like they have been starving for 5 days), yet when you put dinner in front of them, they don’t want anything to eat!

This happens at our house quite frequently! And it is not like we give them snacks before they eat dinner. In fact, the other night we had pizza (which they normally love). But we put it in front of them and they didn’t eat. However, when Jason went to eat their dinner, they chimed right back in and ate it all up!




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3 responses to “Why Is It?

  1. Rinnie

    Eating and sleeping – two issues that cause me more grey hairs than anthing else!!!

  2. Pam

    I know!!! Then they’ll eat one bite and say they’re full. Then about 10 minutes later they’re whining because they’re hungry. I don’t get it!

  3. Pam

    30 minutes after abstaining at dinner: “Dad? Can I have something to eat and drink?”

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