Hide and Seek

We were visiting my mom a few weeks ago, and decided to play Hide and Seek. Natalie and Nicholas love this game! Well, Nicholas, my brother, Chris and I decided to hide together, my mom and Natalie were hiding together, and Jason was on the hunt for us.

Nicholas was doing really well and staying very quiet. Jason was on to our spot and was trying to get Nicholas to slip up. Jason started saying, “I love you, Nicholas….Nicholas, where are you?” Chris and I kept motioning to Nicholas to stay quiet and he had the biggest grin on his face and was doing so well.

Then, Jason says, “Nicholas, hey buddy?….Nicholas how old are you?” Nicholas (totally unaware of what he was doing) yells out with great enthusiasm, “TWO!”

BUSTED! We cracked up laughing!

Also, Nicholas received this Georgia Bulldog uniform in the mail from Gram! He looks so cute! Thanks, Gram. Anytime he sees anything with a football on it and you ask him what it is, he says, “Georgia Bulldog!” Jason has him ready already!

Watch this video clip of him…it is really cute!

nick bulldog



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5 responses to “Hide and Seek

  1. Ah, the football brainwashing has begun! The video is super cute.

  2. Haha that kid is terrific!

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