Kiss Wiper

Nicholas is a kiss wiper.

kiss wiperYou know, sometimes you wipe off a kiss if it is too wet or something every now and then. But Nicholas, he wipes the kisses off almost every time! We started trying to see if we could keep him from wiping it off. We would kiss him and hold his hands down. He would try so hard to wipe it and then start cracking up! Then, it became a game. We kiss him, hold his hands, and he tries to wiggle out and we all laugh!

It is so funny! Jason says he remembers doing that when he was little. They are so alike, it is crazy!

So, are you a Kiss Wiper?



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5 responses to “Kiss Wiper

  1. Not me, I’m a pro at doing the kiss thing. Hispanic, or at least Puerto Ricans at least, greet one another with a kiss if they are good friends or family. So you don’t actually kiss, it’s really a cheek touch with an air kiss.

    Rob wipes off my kisses, but that’s so he doesn’t walk around with red lips!

  2. Rinnie

    that’s hilarious!!!

  3. Since I am here for your birthday, I had to read more.

    This post reminds me of my youngest daughter, she was a super sloppy kisser when she was little. She didn’t like when wiped them off, so I told her I was rubbing it in.

  4. Only the REALLY wet ones!

  5. I caught Pam wiping my kisses! 😦

    Adam is a wiper too.

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