Update on the Mess in Our Home

As you may have read from my post yesterday, we had quite a mess at our house.

Well, at 12:00 am, when Jason got home from the game, he went to check out the dryer. Turns out, he just reset the breaker and it came back on again!!! Yea!! As for it’s inconsistency in heating up, I hope it is not a sign of things to come.

Unfortunately the kitchen is still a mess. I did clean up from the last two days, but now it is a mess from dinner tonight!

The toilet – well, that was a mess! I mean both figuratively and literally! It was disgusting! Poor Jason worked on it this evening and ended up having to pull the toilet up off the floor and take it apart. The plunger just wasn’t cutting it and there was obviously something lodged in it. Apparently Natalie thinks she needs like 50 of those toilet wet wipes to wipe her bottom!!! Yes, that’s right. At the base of the toilet drain in the floor, there was a huge wad of them (along with other stuff that I won’t give you the details about).

So, Jason got it fixed! Yea!!! And we informed Natalie that she just needed one wipe each time she went #2 in the potty!



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3 responses to “Update on the Mess in Our Home

  1. Jason saves the day! I’m teased in my family for using too much toilet paper.

  2. erik

    Hey! Our dryer went ka-put a couple of weeks ago and we had a handy man come out and take a look at it. He was real cheap($50)and he let me look over his shoulder while he did the work. I held the flashlight. If you want, give Marianne a call and we’ll give you his number.

  3. Wow, took the toilet off? What a stud.

    I would have just moved.

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