God’s Pursuit???

We are a mess today! I am holding it together quite well actually, but I am afraid I’m going to max out soon on my patience. Here are the highlights (in the midst of the normal chaos we experience around here with a 2 yr old and 3 yr old, and having just come back from a weekend trip):

Kids’ toilet overflowed with #2 in it (lovely, I know)

While making dinner, Nicholas colored all over the red table and sliding glass door

Our babysitter calls at 3:30 to cancel for tonight

I notice our dryer is not heating and drying the clothes (go to check it, stop it, turn it back on, won’t come on at all now – great! One wet load in dryer and one wet load in washer!)

Decided to take kids with me to Life Group

Left for Life Group with the kitchen a complete mess, since I haven’t cleaned up dishes from yesterday and I made bread today (which makes an even bigger mess)

Oh, and did I mention that Jason left at 6:15 this morning for work and went to a football game tonight, so we have not seen him or talked to him much at all today. Which is probably why you all are hearing me process this, because he is not home yet.

So, as you can see…not such a good day. I e-mailed my friend, Christi earlier and said, “I want to cry but yet it is not coming out! oh, wait…here come some tears…good, this could be good to help process this day.”

Then, I read something that reminded me that there might be a purpose in all this! Someone recently told me to try and look at these hard situations as God’s Pursuit of me! Wow!! What a twist! Most of the time I am so ticked off and frustrated, that I don’t even consider God in the equation and if I do, it would be me wondering how He could let all this junk happen to me!

So, I want to do that tonight…see it as God’s pursuit of me. He really has been quite gracious to me in the midst of it all by helping me stay calm and patient. Afterall, I could’ve totally lost my mind. 🙂



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3 responses to “God’s Pursuit???

  1. rob

    Great post, Jill. This is something that is often difficult for me to see also.

  2. Rinnie

    Sounds horrible. But isn’t it great when God shows us Himself in stuff like that – way to look for Him in it!

  3. You seemed to be doing well when I picked you up in your car.

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