Love Bugs

Why do they call them love bugs? Who in the world loves the love bugs?! They are a total nuisance!

love bug Natalie certainly does not love them! She became aware of them yesterday while playing outside, and quickly decided she did not like them and came back inside to play. Well, today, she got in the car after church and was working on getting her carseat buckels snapped. I was watching her and she noticed in the corner of her eye a love bug in her hair. She FREAKED out! I think she probably screamed the loudest we have ever heard!

Thankfully Jason quickly got it out of her hair, but it took her a while to settle down. We tried talking to her about them. I told her how love bugs are the slowest, laziest bugs in the world and they would never hurt her. To which she replied very emphatically, “Well, I don’t EVER want another lovebug in my hair AGAIN!

We cracked up. Jason especially thought it was funny and insisted that she got the “EVER again” from me! Not to mention her dislike for bugs.



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4 responses to “Love Bugs

  1. I saw a truck yesterday that was PLASTERED with em! Yuck!

    Didn’t UF engineer them to eat mosquitos? Only they didnt… do… a thing except mate, fly, and splatter on our cars.

    Nat is hilarious, I could totally see her doing that.

  2. Pam

    She’s such a girl! I love it. I have the same phobia of bugs. Only mine is centralized mostly to cockroaches.

    By the way, do you want me to explain why they’re called love bugs? 🙂

  3. Becky Williams

    It’s TOTALLY a girl thing! Both my girls were and are the exact same way over any bug whatsoever! The good news is that once Natalie gets a little older, like maybe age 6 or 7, she will eventually be able to understand more about the animals and bugs around her and which ones really do hurt and which ones are harmless. Then, she will most likely be less “jumpy” and upset over the harmless ones. At least, that is what I have found with our oldest daughter, Sierra. She is 7 1/2 years old now and now, she is more fascinated by the different species of bugs and animals because she feels she is beginning to understand some of them more. It’s cool! Just wait…:o)

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