Bummer Dinner

I hate spending money and not enjoying my dinner. We went out to eat tonight. Neither Jason nor I enjoyed our dinner. I sat there waiting for our check and kept thinking, “I can’t believe I have to pay for this now.” I could spend this money on so many other things and now I feel like I just basically threw it down the toilet. It wasn’t like it was prepared incorrectly or that it was horrible enough to warrant a complaint. It just wasn’t very good. What a bummer!



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9 responses to “Bummer Dinner

  1. rob

    So where did you go so we don’t go there!?!?

  2. Josh

    GO DAWGS!!

  3. Pam

    Big fat bummer! I’m sorry you hated it. Matt and I have been known to send it back just because we didn’t like the taste. I think we’re high maintenance, though. You do everything without complaining or arguing! Way to be a good Christian example! 🙂

  4. Jill

    Oh…the restaurant is Poopinos, uh, I mean Peppinos. It is on Alafaya towards Oveido. It is in the Entertainment Book, so at least we got $12 off our bill. As for Pam’s comment about doing everything without complaining…I only wish that were true of me. I feel like I complain a lot. Thanks for the encouragement though. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the name so we don’t go there!

  6. Thats such a let-down!
    Hopefully it didnt spoil the night out.

  7. Becky Williams

    No way!! Peppinos?? Wow! They have had such a GREAT reputation around Oviedo for several years! Scott took me there to eat on New Year’s Eve back in 1994 before proposing to me later that evening! We haven’t eaten there since, but I do have fond memories of that particular restaurant. I am really sorry you didn’t have such a great experience! Maybe their ownership and management has changed over the past few years or something?

  8. rob

    No chance of a deterioration of service in 12 years. No way.

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