A Bedtime Story

Here is Natalie’s “story” tonight when I put her to bed (I had just told her the story of the Little Pigs).  Natalie said, “I want to tell you a story, mommy.  Daddy and Nicholas were sleeping.  And a kitty cat came in my room.  We pet her and pet her.  She was all dramatic because she was sad and wanted to be with us.  And a dog came in the room and blew her away.  And she hit a really, really big wall.  Isn’t that sad, mommy?” (I love how she said the cat was dramatic.  Wonder where she got that idea from?)

So, enjoy and goodnight! 



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2 responses to “A Bedtime Story

  1. Pam

    That “dramatic” line was too funny! I thought, “That sounds like something Jill would say.”

  2. LOL!
    Hey, thats only a PG-13 story.
    Adam’s stories all include pain, blood, death, alligators, and guns. Defintely R-rated.

    How can people say sex differences are due to nurture more than nature? Natalies cats have feelings and get pet. A cat in Adam’s story would just get eaten by a dinosaur.

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