The Information Age

Natalie is definitely in the Information Age, and I don’t mean economically. She is wanting information about everything. “Mommy, what is that? Daddy, why are those people doing that? Who are they? Why are the clouds moving? Why is it raining?” Today in the car –

Natalie – “Why does this blanket have holes in it?”

Me – “Because it is made that way.”

Nat – “Who made it?”

Me – (trying to figure out how to answer that one) “The people at the store.”

Nat – “What people?”

Me – “The people that work there.”

Nat – “What are their names?”

Me – “I don’t know.”

Nat – (getting frustrated) “What are their names, MOMMY?!”

Me – (thinking, “does she think I am trying to intentionally withhold information from her? I can’t possibly know all the answers to everything!) “Natalie, there are like 5 billion people in the world, honey. I don’t know all of them or all their names.”

There are some days that I just wonder how many more questions I can answer. And, you know, the simple little answers just don’t cut it anymore. And then there are days, that I just say, “I don’t know, sweetie. Can you please just not ask me any questions right now?” She is really smart, so that’s good. I just need patience along the way (and some great answers). 🙂

On a side note…the Georgia Bulldogs won this past weekend. I am not really a fan, I am just married to one. I am not oppossed to it either though. Just indifferent. I will say that Natalie makes a really cute fan. Here she is in her cheerleading outfit. Jason had her doing cheerleading lifts with his hands.

Natalie cheerleading



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5 responses to “The Information Age

  1. Don’t worry, Jill. One day when Natalie is about, oh, 15, you won’t be able to get a word out of her.

  2. She’s a super cutie with her little uniform on!

  3. Pam

    I have that same thing with Adam. He’s constantly asking questions and “I don’t know” is completely inadequate. “No, tell me, Mommy!” As if I’m trying to keep a big secret from him. 🙂

  4. Uncle Jay

    she gets it honest, because Jason had 2 questions for every one answer you would give him. Some things never change, and nat is sure to continue driving you nuts with questions, until, like Jason, she knows it ALL..hehe

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